Fine art, design & car building
Born in Portland Maine in 1962 Dean has lived through several decades of art, design, cars and pop culture.  In 1977 he moved to California where he developed a love for fine art, cars and film.  He has worked as a graphic artist, sign painter, muralist and decorative painter in the motion picture and sign industry in Los Angeles.

Dean is a self-taught artist who has been influenced by artist like Michael English, H.R. Giger, Robert Williams and Ed Ruscha. 

He has a passion for fine art, classic cars, movies, video games and driving.  Dean has owned 86 cars and trucks, many which were classics he restored, customized and raced.  Dean and his lovely wife live in Northern California where he has a decorative painting and mural business.

Dean has owned many car classics including:
'60 Ranchero,  '65 Lincoln,  '66 Lincoln,  '67 Mustang GT,  '68 Galaxie 500,  '69 Charger RT/SE,  '70 Challenger RT,  '70 Ranchero GT,  '70 Chevelle SS,  '70 Nova SS,  '70 Camaro SS,  '70 Buick Skylark GS,  '71 Dodge Demon,  '72 Stingray,  '74 Camaro Z28,  '74 Firebird Formula,  '77 Olds 442,  '78 WS6 Trans Am,  and '87 El Camino to name a few.
Some of Dean's rides he's restored & customized...